Recompensing the third planet


A Study in Semiotics

Except God Descend

CUBIS,  New Digital Minimalism art

Black Space Girl (Luna)

While many African American artists are working hard to create a modern or contemporary version of Ernie Barnes's 'Sugar Shack', my mind is constantly thinking about the future and our place in it.

Thus Black Space Girl (Luna) emerged. The first of many collaborative "peaces" with fellow visual artist and jewelry designer CJ.

Luna fashions CJ's beautiful Vega necklace and Stellar earrings in what I like to call "complimentary contrast."

Luna represents the embracing of technology and the foreseen future accompanied by her strength, beauty and intelligence.

More of CJ's wonderful, amazing and breathtaking works can be seen here.

Print size is:11x17



Toothpicks and Lollipops

Opposites attract in this "peace" of arbitrarily used color compliments. Toothpicks and Lollipops is another drawing from my sketchbook series celebrating love the way that I know it to be: hard and gentle.

The foreground colors and background art reflect the diversity of African American skin tones in purposeful and playful exaggeration, with the abstraction and complexity of romance through lines.

Print size is 10.5 x 8


 B-Girl the Escapist

Sometimes "making it out" means coming back those you left behind. B-Girl represents the visionary who excelled over every obstacle, to escape the life some of us could only imagine. Only to come back for those loved ones who were left behind.

Print size is 8x10 and 11x14


 Nothing Dreaded About These Locks

'Nothing Dreaded About These Locks' celebrates the beauty and strength of an original culture. A personal favorite of mine. Her sparsely placed jewelry and cowrie shell with her perfectly twisted locks are interwoven like the people of world through choice or circumstance. This drawing illustrates the perseverance, survival and continuous love of the mother of mankind.

Print size is: 8x17

(Queen Universal): part I in the 'Queen Universoul' Series

One of the first of my sketchbook series, and the beginning of my "Queen Universoul" series. This piece (using arbitrary colors)is one of my favorites, and was a tribute to one of my greatest artist inspirations.

Drawn in my brown sketchbook, 'Queen' is a fav among viewing audiences and is a celebration of the natural aesthetic.

Print size is 8x10 and 11x14
'Never 2 Much Black Never 2 Much Love' represents the love relationship misplaced and almost non-existent in popular culture.
This celebration of Black Love was completed as an original art "peace" for Dr. David C Driskell. Several of his accomplishments: since 1977, Prof. Driskell has served as cultural advisor to Camille O. and William H. Cosby and as the curator of the Cosby Collection of Fine Arts. In 2000, in a White House Ceremony, Prof. Driskell received the National Humanities Medal from President Bill Clinton. In 2007, he was elected as a National Academician by the National Academy.

print size is: 8x10 and 13x17